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Coupontools not only enables you to create and distribute coupons, but it also provides validation methods so that redeem locations can verify the coupons that have been provided to their customers. We offer basic coupon validation methods (validation widget & app, on mobile.
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This way, they will always have the proof of their prize by hand, to easily be able to find and show at the point of sale when they are going to redeem it. To create this email, you have the Email Platform available. This tool lets you automate sending of emails to the users that register in your promotion. To make your work even easier, the promotion comes with a pre-configured email template that you can send to all winner, including the prize PDF.

You only need to activate the email, and if you want, customize it as you wish. To do this, follow these steps:. A new tab with the configuration of the email in the Email Platform will open. Note : In this tutorial you can see all options for customizing emails in the Email Platform. When the promotion has finished, you can review the stats of the validated codes and see at which validation point they were validated. You can see these data from two different places in the promotion:.

From the list of participants where you can see the assigned code for each user, if the code has been validated and at which validation point.

Here we show you an example of an email with instructions for the validation point that you can use and adapt to your campaign. Once the coupon online promotion is disseminated, there are customers who will visit our stores to redeem and enjoy their prize [OPTIONAL: specify the name of the prize]. The winners will present at the counter of the store the coupon with the information of the prize and their participation data, so that the prize can be validated by our store personnel..

Below we detail the instructions to validate the prizes in a safe and quick way, which we have divided into three steps:. In order to validate that the prize is correct and has not been previously validated, it will be necessary to use a QR code reader app. Therefore, in the store we must have a mobile device tablet or mobile phone with a QR code reader app installed.

The customer will come to our stores with the prize they have won in the promotion. The customer will show the coupon to the store personnel, who will use the QR code reader app of the mobile device to scan the QR code in the coupon. To access the status click the link to open it and you will be directed to to the mobile browser view. Each new device accessing the validation portal will be prompted for a 1 time password.

Successful completion of the password identifies this device as the Point of Validation agent. After scanning the QR code, the system will inform of the result of the validation on the screen: if it is a valid coupon, if it has already been validated before or if it is an invalid coupon. Have you organised an offline promotion in which you distribute discount codes to your customers?

With the "Validation Portal" you can also check and verify the codes that you have distributed offline and that users present at the point of sale, in order to ensure that the prize is valid, before being able to redeem it. Example : A chain of restaurants delivers a flyer with a printed code to customers after consuming at the establishment. This code consists of a discount for the next consumption. In order to have control of the codes that customers will present to redeem their discount, all the codes will be loaded in the promotion, and the Validation Portal will be enabled in order to validate the codes.

In addition, since it is a chain of restaurants with different branches, a different validation point can be created for each branch. In this way, you can control the codes that have been validated at the different validation points.


Here you must create a prize of the type "On registering", which must be configured as a "promotional code", an option that you can configure in the "Options" tab of the prize. The next step is to enable the Validation Portal so that it can be used to validate the codes you have given to users offline.

To do this, you just have to check the following check box:. Validation points allow you to identify who validates the unique codes that have been delivered to users. Next, a pop-up window will open where you must define the validation point name and an access password:.

Here you can see the content of this tutorial: 1. How it works at the validation point: A. The user experience B. The vendor experience 2. Configuration of the promotion: Step 1. Create the unique alphanumeric codes Step 2. Enable the Validation Portal Step 3. Create the validation points Step 4.

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Customize the design of the Validation Portal Step 5. Distribution of the promotional code in PDF Step 6. Distribution of the promotional code via email Step 7. Validation stats 3. Annex: Example of email with instructions to the validation point 4. How it works at the validation point: Here we explain how the system to validate promotional codes works: A.

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The user experience The organizing brand has disseminated the promotion through their online channels and has distributed the prizes among the users that have registered in the promotion. Here you can see an example of a coupon in PDF format that the user will show at the point of sale, it can be printed in paper format or shown directly from the email on the mobile phone: B. How to validate the coupon? The name and the email address of the user will show, together with the information about the prize: 2.

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Invalid code : 3. Code already used : the exact date of its validation and the validation point where it was validated will be shown: The process is repeated for each new code. Configuration of the promotion Step 1. Step 2. Create the validation points The next step is to create a validation point. Step 4. Customize the design of the Validation Portal Finally, the last step is to customize the design of the Validation Portal with the following options: Logo optional.

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Unfortunately, the development of the iOS app has not been finished yet. We want to bring the iOS app to a similar level of functionality. Not all functionalities have to be implemented exactly the same. In addition, a few known bugs should be fixed Depending on the offer, it is possible to extend the cooperation and implement more functionalities together. If you are interested you will find a document with all requirements as well as a video of the current Android App in the appendix.

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